Bringing pure and genuine travel moments amidst the lazy bay

Home to the largest lagoon on Taiwan's southwest coastline, Dapeng Bay, formerly known as "Turtle Harbor," sits on the west side of the bay. Flanked by the Taiwan Strait and Dapeng Bay, the clear view and sunset make you feel a sense of belonging during your travels.

The Adagio Dapeng Bay is located in Nanping Village, the tallest scenic building in the area.

Here, you can observe the sunrise over Dawu Mountain to the east and appreciate the stunning sunset over the bay.


At the Adagio Dapeng Bay, be sure to try the dinner of the chef’s choice "Island Slow Food" and the classic Donggang rice soup breakfast.

The chef curates the menu based on seasonal ingredients, blending local culture and dining table aesthetics. As the concierge explains each dish, you can savor your meal while listening to their stories, offering you a sensory feast.

Slow down, heighten your senses, savor good food, enjoy quality sleep, and embrace the slow life.


01 Adagio selection of fragranceWe offer selected aromatic products,
transforming bathing into a journey of scent.
02 Adagio selection of books We provide a selection of books, music, movies,
catering to not just the body but also the mind.
03 Bay strollStroll through the fishing village and savor the joy of a slower pace.
04 Island barIn a corner of the lobby space, the round island bar changes the mood
,and leaves the city's hustle and bustle behind. The slow life starts here.
05 Selection of music on vinyl Experience the delicacy and richness of original music.
Delight in the music, taking you back to the purest expressions of emotion.
06  270°observation deck Gaze towards the horizon of the sea and spot Liuqiu Island.
Welcome the mountain rays and witness the beauty of Dawu Mountain.
07 Daily hand-brewed coffee Find yourself in the immersive coffee experience during your journey.